Martin Beck

Human Soul Photographer

Martin Beck. The name itself is excellent. So far someone ́s name, who is supposed to push through, must have power. It must be explosive. Easy to remember. Well, well, this is it…

What is next? A relevant thing for a photographer is will. A vision. A passion to follow his own journey and not conform to the voices of advisers. And power to resist. Because as soon as you start doing compromises and work just for money, you are lost! However in case of my appreciated colleague I can feel his excitement for a photography as it is. That it means almost everything for his life. To capture the moments which for someone would have been already long time ago forgotten, and again, and again to discover them in a loneliness and safety of a dark room.

I will tell you the truth. For a long time I have thought that Mr. Beck can do much better portraits than me. And this is just because of his drive, a passion for perfection. That is why I wish him not the same thing happened to me. So that he would never stop to believing in the photography, so that it would not disappoint him, so that he would not think that the photography is a lie. If so he lost his faith the pictures would become nothing in his eyes followed in the eyes of yours, their viewers. Good luck and strong hope!

-Jan Saudek-