Martin Beck

Human soul photographer

Martin Beck’s project “How Should I Entertain The World…” has it’s deep history roots it avows to, and today ‘s absolutely original aiming, perhaps good to be mentioned that it has nothing in common with the usual style of today’s comedian, willing to entertain audience without hesitation or limitation, regardless of social neither human ethics in depth.

Beck’s intention to capture and record the face of today’s whole acting generation not only in a matter of static, conventional, nice visuals, but in dramatic state of creation, to record himself manifesting with his own eyes various effects of deep experience and unique state of such mind is certainly remarkable.

 However, following a fact more worthy to be appreciated that it is not just about imaginary vision, but Beck realizes his project in the meantime, that is with full implementation of reason and feeling, so that he experiences actors situation with his mind and hearth, that only invigorates the actors and their performance. So far it is necessary to add that Beck creates the final photos with his own unusual technique. Therefore it is not only about artworks but creating such photography work.

Here we go. Obviously, Beck’s project deserves an adequate artistic appreciation and all remaining support, not only for the amount of life and creative energy he is investing in it, but also in order to keep it alive, which is appropriate, it requires expenditures that exceed the possibilities of young photographer. I think in the name of all actors who have already experienced such cooperation and those who are looking forward to it, I may recommend such project support with good conscience.

-Prof.AMU Radovan Lukavský, Dr.H.C.-